12 rules of life – Jordan B. Peterson Book Summary

12 rules of life – Jordan B. Peterson:

There is chaos in the world.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Look at individual and family levels, as well as from within larger corporations and even higher Cosmic levels.

but why is it so pervasive?

Well, because “it’s the natural state of everything”

“Entropy” is another more scientific-sounding word for the degrading force of chaos, which seeks to ruin anything and everything, now it required effort and energy to set things right again to put them back in order.

12 rules of life Jordan B. Peterson

It is a forceful and rightful application of this effort and energy that will help. Keep chaos at Bay in our own life, it will help us live peaceful lives of purpose and meaning.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson lays out 12 rules of life to help turn this chaos and the order.

The rest of this article is shows off the summary of Jordan Peterson’s book the 12 rules of life, which seemed to the great list of clichés to live a happy, meaningful, and successful life.

1. Stand up straight with your shoulders back:

12 rules of life Jordan Peterson

Standing up straight is a too powerful thing, it exerts dominance and confidence, and it also shows that you accept responsibility.

Further research has shown that physical stature even in a small muscle movement is affecting your emotions.

For example, gradually making a sad face will make you feel sad.

Likewise having a stooped posture with leaves your head hanging low leaves you susceptible to appearing as though your lower status, now is hard to accept your responsibilities for your actions when you’re slouching or sprawled out on the floor by being upright your shoulders back your feet shoulder-width the apart you exude a confidence and the willingness to take a meaningful action.

It is this that separates people from animals Being able to recognize your actions.

2. Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping:

There is a Famous Golden Rule that goes

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Here the truth is many people are terrible at looking at themselves.

This is the often-seen research from the medical field, people don’t take their medicine, they don’t take it at the right time, they don’t take the right ones and they don’t take the right amount of medicine.

However, people are usually really good at taking care of their pets.

Think about it,

You buy them food, you feed them every day, you’ll wash them when they need it.

If they start limping or puking you take them straight to the vet, so improve your health, exercise your mind, motivate yourself and sees the greatness that is within you.

If not for yourself, then it’d be better able to take care of those you love.

3. Make friends with people who want the best for you:

Friends are amazing!

They are excitement humor enjoyed to your life, without friends’ people become a shrunken shell of what they could become! a so-called dark and twisted hermit.

Friends also act on one and another, driving one and another to become something different.

For example, a group or a set of men who are friends probably look very similar to each other have the same habits, whether they’re good or bad and laugh at the same jokes because of what friends can do to us we have one heavy responsibility to choose friends that will be the healthy influencers and not toxic ones “Choose your friends carefully”.

4. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today:

“Assigning a value to something is entirely natural” in the more common use of the term value people use it to measure themselves to make the progress of the other people.

He makes more money!

Her children are smarter!

They drive a better car!

This is utterly an inherently self-destructive.

These kinds of beliefs will build resentment, anger, and self-loathing.

Not only for the other person either but for yourself, all of this diminish your sense of self your values and your feeling of autonomy.

Therefore, you should strive to become a better person, even if it’s just one percent better, each week than you were before.

If you do this continuously for 71 weeks! You’ll be twice the person that you were before.

5. Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them:

“At first glance, this rule might sound a little strange!” suppose a child is treated in one of two ineffective parenting Styles either PERMISSIVE or AUTHORITARIAN.

Permissive parents don’t on their children, even when they do something bad or wrong.

On the other hand, authoritarian parents are at the other end of the spectrum lettering on so many rules and iron-fisted punishments, that the child feels they have no sense of reasonable freedom.

Let me know you, I have no children and I’ll be the first to say that parenting is a bloody difficult task.

However, in both of these cases, the child will be socially stunted and have problems fitting into the broader society, because we all know there’s a bunch of intricacies and grey moral areas.

If a child’s parents are to love them and support them, but are driven mad by certain things of the child does, then there is a low likely anyone else in the society will also tolerate that kind of behavior and if society doesn’t tolerate him, he could leave the child feeling isolated and with all kinds of problems.

If you don’t like something that your child does, neither will society so as your job as a parent to put it into it and also you need to understand as a parent your capacity for bad and egregious behaviors and try to introduce your child to the world in an appropriately sized dose.

6. Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world:

How is someone supposed to set themselves a perfect order?

This kind of question. Misses the entire point!

The idea is not that you must live perfectly, for that you must be willing to deeply introspect in examine your life and your choices to prevent future mistakes.

Stop doing things that are objectively bad for you or that you know it to be a bad idea.

For example, this could be stopping smoking or maybe let going of a toxic relationship, don’t rush to judge and blame others for the problems of the world.

I think this step can be summed up in one quote,

“If every man sweeps his own porch and the whole world would be clean”

7. Pursue what is meaningful (Not what is expedient):

12 rules of life Jordan B. Peterson


Once TATA motor’s chairman RATAN TATA said,

“I decided that India could produce its car, but everybody my friends in the automobile business said this couldn’t be done!

Then we undertake to produce this car you saw images of it and the videos it’s called the INDICA.” (said by Ratan TATA former chairman of Tata and Sons and Tata groups)

That is India’s first fully indigenous passenger car fully build in India Tata Indica was launched in 1998.

Everyone said that was hard and impossible RATAN TATA Pursue himself to do a meaningful thing as likely one of his rules “Do what can’t be done”

Nobody ever said that life was fair, nobody ever said that we have born to live a happy life.

Everyone will endure suffering.

And if you don’t think you’re suffering right now?

Then you need to know you were in the few of the billions of people who have lived on this planet and suffer and they suffer daily.

Anyways, I like Jordan’s idea that life isn’t supposed to be happy. It’s not supposed to be fair or fun, it’s supposed to be meaningful in his 12 rules of life.

That means you will suffer, but you’re suffering should be worth the life that you live and the life you left behind.

Do what is meaningful, not what is fun or easy at the moment.

8. Tell the truth or at least don’t lie:

12 rules of life Jordan B. Peterson

Jordan Peterson’s said in his book 12 Rules of life that social trust is a difficult thing to achieve it can be quick we lost through an indiscretion or even a simple misunderstanding.

And social trust is crucial and not just for well-functioning businesses, but also for sustaining the forward progress of society and the happiness of the individuals within that society.

The Truth in this instance comes with a big T.

It’s a conglomeration of personal truth of experiences the keeping of promises and contracts, Personal truth of experiences, and the accurate description and understanding of reality.

Here is a little another example,

You might say that 70 degrees is warm and I might say that 70 degrees are cold, in a sense we are both telling our truths, even if they’re different.

The important part is TELLING YOUR OWN TRUTH.

9. Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t:

If will you hold to be true, must be forced upon others, is that true that you hold that powerful?

Apart from the truth is that you shouldn’t have to Proclaim it, others should find it through their research.

If it’s so true and righteous then it should be understood on his honest scrutiny, either emerge stronger, be modified and cast aside is a lie.

Social progress and personal development will only happen if people are willing to take a deep look at themselves and realize that while they might know a great many things in comparison to the Great Sea of all human knowledge and the cosmos, any one person knows practically nothing.

Socrates a famous Greek philosopher once said,

“As for me, all I know that I know nothing”

I think this can be some down into being humble because if you’re humble, you will always listen to other people.

10. Be precise in your speech:

12 rules of life Jordan B. Peterson

When two or more people debate or discuss a particular topic precision and speech is very important, because, without it, it becomes impossible to understand that exactly what is have been discussed.

For example,

If there’s an argument between a couple it is no good to dredge up things of the past, instead, you should try to focus on what’s causing the problem right now.

“Don’t use a paint roller when it’s fine to brush will do”

As another example,

When some people say faith what they mean is BELIEF WITHOUT EVIDENCE, well other people mean COMPLETE TRUST, and these are two very different things and I suppose the difference is the cause of many debates.

For example,

You might have belief without evidence and when you sit in a new chair that would hold you up even if you have no evidence of the chair’s weight limits or You saw someone else had sat in it.

However, you might also have complete trust that when you sit down in the same chair that you’ve sat in 4 years which again is a form of evidence that the chair will hold you up, in both cases, the people will say that they had faith that the chair would hold them up.

But they mean different things.

Being able to describe exactly what you don’t understand or makes you unhappy or unproductive, is the first step in improving any situation.

And if there is a problem the first step is to clearly define it.

11. Do not bother children when they are skateboarding:

In 12 Rules of life, Jordan Peterson said Do not bother children when they are skateboarding

As mentioned earlier there are two detrimental styles of parenting, PERMISSIVE and AUTHORITARIAN.

Even more prevalent today is a style of HELICOPTER PARENTING this kind of parenting is very controlling but it comes with a warm Pleasant and helpful face.

The helicopter parent lives a life of Perpetual fear for their child, that maybe their child will eat a piece of birthday candy that contains a razor blade!

This kind of thinking leaves children unprepared for the rough and tough environment of the school.

Unsure of how to navigate novels, social situations and completely unable to take an appropriate and calculated risk, whatever they become adults.

Skateboarding teaches children about their limits and the uses of the pain and failure as a leaning Tool for setting boundaries.

Which as you know can be regulated as your skill increases, you can do more difficult tricks.

Skateboarding along with other physically demanding activities teaches children how to handle their fear and when to push against It, ultimately you end up with two very different children who will grow up in the two very different adults’ risk-takers and the risk-givers each of these types of adults have their strengths.

And put in a Bluntly If your house or apartment building catches fire. Are you want to rush in to rescue you?

One who knows how to control their fear or one who is dominated by it.

12. Pet cat when you encounter one on the street:

In 12 Rules of life the point here is not seeking out every cuddly creature on the side walker and the wild in try to pat it on the head, because some cats are feral it some dogs are service animals that are best left alone to their work.

What this instead means?

Are that people need to stop what they’re doing from the time to time and just be present at the moment and appreciate the wonderful beauty and peace that is all around us?

There are still lot of people living a worse quality of life without proper education, home, food and dress even a clean water in this nation same here We have opportunities to have better education, lifestyle, food and Widley we have the access to use the internet to share and gain the knowledge take some time to appreciate the little things that you have today be feel grateful for it.

And I hope you like the summary of 12 Rules of life book written by Jordan B. Peterson.

Please leave your beloved comment below, and share the knowledge that you gained in Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules of life book today.

“Happiness and Knowledge are worthy only when you share them”

-Rasa. Manoj

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