9 Things I learnt in last 12 years of doing Business

9 things to learn in business successfolks

Over the past few years, I have been on a steep learning curve.

Taking complete control and responsibility for building my own future has been extremely rewarding and quite scary at the same time.

Even though it gets easier each day as I learn to spot patterns, build momentum and develop a system, I still feel like I live on the edge and that things could change at any second.

I have full control of it, yet, I don’t.

But life, over the recent years, has taught me to turn fear of the unknown and uncertainty into a feeling of liberation.

Here I want to share what I’ve learned over the past few years building my own business.

9 Things to Learn in Business: 

1. Your capability and possibility in life are only limited by the wall you build for yourself.

2. You can write your own future and you can change the world.

3. Mistakes and failures are part of success.

4. Never forget the opportunity cost.

5. Being broke in the early days help me get rid of my fear of failure and fear of the unknown

6. In the early days, prioritize discovering yourself, building skills, and getting rid of limiting self-beliefs, instead of making money.

7. You have to stay afloat of change. Things are constantly changing.

8. Wisdom only comes to those who reflect on life experiences and realize what they’ve learned from them.

9. The only currency you should care about is value you add to others. Value is Money and not Time is Money.

I hope this lesson has provided some value to you and inspired you in some way.

We read so many articles about entrepreneurial success, but rarely the struggles they had to go through.

No matter what journey you’re going on, remember to feel grateful for those who have helped you in any way and feel proud for how far you have come.

Have a Grateful Day!

Joyfully Yours
Murali Sundaram
Happyness Coach®

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