Sivaprakash G Quotes on Success & Motivation for Entrepreneurs ! 

Sivaprakash G Founder of Successfolks

Sivaprakash G Quotes on Success & Motivation for Entrepreneurs !

Who is Sivaprakash G?

He is Digital Marketing Business Consultant Coach Trainer. He has named himself Mr.Positive and Mr.Motivator.

Sivaprakash G is founder of and International Digital Marketing Business Consultant!

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Let me share some self made quotes for SUCCESS

Rejection is a Redirection to SUCCESS. – Sivaprakash G

If You Want To Save Your Life.. Risk Your Life. – Sivaprakash G

Don’t be the Copy Cat! Being Yourself Is The Best Gift You Ever Get, Use It Wisely. – Sivaprakash G

Be The One.. Not Everyone. – Sivaprakash G

Sivasidhu quotesNo One Is Like Me And I Believed That’s My Super Power. – Sivaprakash G

If You Feed Your Mind It Helps You To Grow Your Soul. – Sivaprakash G

Don’t see who is doing what. You do your best. Do good.. – Sivaprakash G

Relax. Dream. Decide. Commit. Fail. Persist. Succeed. Repeat. – Sivaprakash G

If The Plan A Didn’t Worked Out, Try Again. Simple. – Sivaprakash G

Sometimes You Have To Lose Small Things To Win Big Things In Life. – Sivaprakash G

Being Yourself Is The Best Gift You Ever Get, Use It Wisely. – Sivaprakash G

Trust Me & Mark My Words – The Worst Past Never Create A Worst Future. – Sivaprakash G

More Rejections You Face More Success You Taste..  – Sivaprakash G

Entrepreneur Is The One Who Motivates Cultivates & Captivates himself and his Peers All The Time to Succeed. – Sivaprakash G

100% Communication won’t help you to get Success. All You Need is 100% Confidence and 100% Commitment. Start investing time, energy, money and all resources to YOU, then everything comes to YOU. – Sivaprakash G

Prepare For What You Want, Beware Of What You Don’t Want. – Sivaprakash G

You Need To Sacrifice Almost Everything To Get What You Want In Life. – Sivaprakash G

Behind Every Successful People There Is A Hidden Team In It. – Sivaprakash G

Today’s Determination Will Turns in To Tomorrow’s Success. – Sivaprakash G

Today’s Excuses Will Be Tomorrow’s Frustrations. Don’t Excuse Yourself. – Sivaprakash G

Today’s Hard Times Will Strengthen Your Tomorrow. – Sivaprakash G

When you are about to give up just think about two things.

1)Why you started? 2) Did you completed what you have started? – Sivaprakash G

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