Look for Opportunity, Not Security!

I know, its hard.

Situations are too bad outside but why should we spoil our self by thinking about the future.

Everything is happening for a reason.

You have gained enough experience.

You already got super cool skills, talents, knowledge, strategies, concepts and many more ideas to implement to make it big!

But thinking about the current situation makes to stop everything and look for some security.

Most of the people will look for job to secure their life.

When you keep trying for a job, you will face rejections and you may ask god.. why this is happening to me.

I didn’t harm anyone. I didn’t stole anything from anyone.

I just want to take care of my family, my mother and why this is happening to me.

Life is hard.

Hard making you strong!

When you face rejections, remember “REJECTIONS ARE THE REDIRECTION TO YOUR SUCCESS

Don’t Quit Trying!

As you know.. successful people never quit trying until they get it!

Stop asking for job, Ask for an opportunity.

Every job is not an opportunity and every opportunity is not just a job.

When you talk about a job you ask what you will get and when you talk about an opportunity your concern is what you can give.

In a job it’s more about others profit and gain, in an opportunity all is just your profit and gain.

In a job you talk about your monthly outcome but in an opportunity you see you already visualize your lifetime achievement.

If you keep asking people for jobs you will keep getting a job and doing a job. Ask for opportunities and you will never have to look for a job.

You might reject a job but never reject an opportunity because your CV decides for your job but your destiny decides for your opportunities.

Look for Opportunity, Not Security!

From today and now, stop looking for jobs and start hunting opportunities.

Stop asking for jobs start demanding opportunities and create win win situations!

And never think you never got an opportunity or you will never get, there is something for everyone in every different way.

You never know what’s there for you. Don’t miss a single opportunity, make the best of it and it will make you the best.

Every challenge is an opportunity. Miracles do happen if not make it happen. YES YOU CAN.


Keep Going!

Life is a fight for territory, if we stop what we want, what we don’t want will automatically take over!

You can fly high soon!

To Your Success,

Sivaprakash G

Founder of Successfolks.com

What ever happens, always Look for Opportunity, Not Security!

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