7 Reasons to Practice Silence in Life

Reasons to Practice Silence in Life:

Look around you closely and you will find that there is too much noise happening around you.

Sound of the TV, the screeching sound of the automobile horns or your inner voice talking to you louder than anyone else.

Noise, and especially noise over 30 decibels, is associated with high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. Lots of people get out of bed, take a shower, have coffee and put on the news to start the cycle of stress for the day. Are you one among them?

Silence is like plugging in your phone… your mind needs to recharge too, and it does more recharging in silence than it does during sleep.

Silence and solitude allow the soul to hear from the heart through the spiritual ear. The heart knows and its ‘still small voice can only be heard in those moments of sacred alone time.

Here are seven great benefits of silence:  It’s easy to Practice Silence in Life.

#1 Silence is soul refreshing

Daily life routines are a constant high demand of energy that wears down your spiritual defenses. Consistent moments of silence and solitude allow you soul to regain balance, refilling it with new energy and vitality.

#2 Silence allows you to find yourself

Silence allows you to find yourself in the midst of all the crazy running around. Especially if you are a busy person, sometimes you get the feeling you are more of a human doing than a human being. Silence will help you feel human again!

#3 Silence restores your soul

Poor habits and destructive behavioral patterns are signs of an out of balance inner life. Taking a time-out in silence gives your heart the opportunity to re-calibrate the soul and reestablish balance and inner order. You’ll be surprised how a balanced inner world

#4 Silence heals the soul

No one can go through life without getting wounded. The worst hurts are the ones that you never allow to heal. Weights you carry around for decades destroy your inner peace. Getting quiet will cause to reflect on those deep hurts, bring them to the surface if necessary, in order to bring permanent healing.

#5 Silence makes you listen

A noisy life is a distracted life and deafens the voice of your heart. When life is jam-packed with activity, your soul is left to be influenced by whatever and whoever. What dominates your time, directs your life. Maintaining a constant internal dialogue with your heart is vital to understand your purpose in life. Turn your ear to your heart. LISTEN = SILENT

#6 Silence brings clarity

Practicing silence allows you to continually fill you with the unique love and joy of the heart. In a way it’s like calling home and every time your heart picks up the phone and reminds you who you are, where you belong, where you come from and where you’re going. Silence brings you this clarity.

#7 Silence is healthy

Not only to the soul, but to your entire body. It boosts your immune system and your brain chemistry. Silence reduces stress, which is the biggest killer in the world. Silences helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. Silence reduces pain. Silence makes happier!

The best way to practice silence in life is by quietly doing it!

Have a Silentful Day!

Joyfully Yours,

Murali Sundaram

Happyness Coach



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