What True Love Make You To Do In Life?

True Love Make you to Miss

True love always makes you to Miss it. Love is to give not to get.

Most of the people had their first love. Few people who made it and few don’t. What is the lesson we learn from people who don’t make it? They always as I have Sacrificed my True Love. I just Given away my Love to the person whom I loved Truly. All of B…S…s Stories.

But Some Stories can be embarrassing and Inspiring. Like most of them, haha I too had one. Yes. Seriously, but I was an Amateur.  Here is what. Believe me, Mine is True and that was not break up, actually, that was a breakthrough in my life.

Becuase of that breakthrough, I become someone who I really want to become.  I’ve got this quote when I was an amateur and thought it was my break-up.



“First I saw her… Then I wanted her… So I loved her… Finally I got her… 
But Now I missed her. ”
Sivaprakash Sidhu

Hope you understand the quote now. That was my past. But I have learned a great lesson.

I Just thought of sharing this with the world lovers to see the responses.

Today, I am not missing anyone because I am busy with Loving Myself and my Loved Ones.

I know you’re having your first love or you had one. Please share and make the world know what you think about your first crush or love. How is changed your life?

Maybe your story could be interesting. Share it.

To Your Success,
Sivaprakash G
Founder – Successfolks.com


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