One Line Motivational Quotes to Be Great


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I know you all busy in life. But this one line motivational quotes can help you to get busy to live more meaningful life.

  1. Do what is right. Not what is easy.
  2. Push your limits.
  3. Fix your mind set.
  4. Taking risks open doors.
  5. Success requires dedication.
  6. Start thinking long term.
  7. Find your calling.
  8. You are amazing. Now you go and execute.
  9. The secret is hard work.
  10. Hustle to the top.
  11. Find your brilliance.
  12. Efficient minds know the grind.
  13. Losing is learning.
  14. Make your hustle addiction.
  15. You are at the bottom, start climbing.
  16. Put in the work.
  17. There is no short cut.
  18. Overcome the odds.
  19. Focus on your goals.
  20. Stop wasting your time.
  21. If they doubt you prove them wrong.
  22. Situation don’t change until you do.
  23. Never forget your morals.
  24. Remember to be patient.
  25. Utilize your talents.
  26. Happiness is choice.

  27. Don’t chase money, chase greatness.
  28. Focus on YOU.
  29. Successful people have successful friends.
  30. Don’t take your blessings for granted.
  31. Life goes on.
  32. There is no success without execution.
  33. Learn how to ask for help.
  34. Success is the opposite of laziness.
  35. Doubt is deadly poison.
  36. Real friends empower you.
  37. Negativity has no value.
  38. Create your legacy.
  39. Greed is the path to failure.
  40. Your need is find your WHY.
  41. ANALYSE then apply.
  42. Only COMPETE with yourself.
  43. Learn to love the HUSTLE.
  44. Strive to be better than you were yesterday.
  45. Hustle every day.
  46. Stop thinking about losing.
  47. The world has enough hatred. BE KIND.
  48. RESPECT is the two way street.
  49. Know how to take breaks.
  50. Be the best you can be.
  51. Not everyone going to like you.

  52. You must fail before you SUCCEED.
  53. Stop trying to impress others.
  54. Life is not a sprint. Life is a marathon.
  55. You are amazing. Don’t forget it.
  56. Work while they play.
  57. Never forget why you started.
  58. Always see long term value.
  59. Stop living in fear.
  60. Rise and grind.
  61. Always choose kindness.
  62. Never forget the value of execution.
  63. No risk no reward.
  64. Rough times are only temporary.
  65. Stay genuine.
  66. Work like a beast.
  67. Wants and needs know the difference.
  68. Life is tough. Get tougher.
  69. Learn to accept criticism.
  70. It is okay to be wrong.
  71. Hustle has no age restriction.
  72. Time is an important resource.
  73. Let your success speak to the haters.
  74. Grind all day every day.
  75. Be your own biggest FAN.

  76. Just start.
  77. If you don’t know your destination, you will get lost.
  78. The world won’t wait for you.
  79. Either you put the work or you lose.
  80. Get up and hustle.
  81. Never stop evolving.
  82. Efficiency is better than perfection.
  83. Planning is good. Execution is key.
  84. Keep grinding.
  85. The biggest obstacles to success. Pessimism.
  86. Love your life.
  87. Find yourself. Find success.
  88. Learn to move on.
  89. Lazy people want everything but work for nothing.
  90. Great things take years not days.
  91. It’s not working. Find another way.
  92. Use your time wisely.
  93. You can only harvest what you have sown.
  94. Fear less. Try more.
  95. Improve. Utilize. Profit. Repeat.
  96. High pressure make beautiful diamonds.
  97. Not everyone is trustworthy.
  98. Don’t hate. Educate.
  99. Success is a lifestyle.
  100. Mistakes are just a part of the process.

Please share your one line motivational quotes which will help people to live an awesome life.

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