Dictionary Lessons: F Comes First to Teach How To Get S

dictionary lessons

Do you use Dictionary?

I use a lot to finding out new words.

The Word refers – “to intend for a particular purpose and destination.” I like the words.

If you want to know more about the Dictionary refer wiki. We learn a lot from Dictionary, but I have learned this and I call it as Dictionary Lessons. Number 1 lessons.

When we search for something to achieve in life. I’m not sure we learned this in our childhood or not. But I’m sure now we can learn and share.

Even In alphabets F- comes first. The “F” – word. Whatever you mean it.
But here, I mean F as “FAILURES” comes first to TEACH how to get S as “SUCCESS” in Life and Career.

When you are in the process of searching something worthwhile, first only Failures F comes. Accept it and keep moving forward so that you get Success as S.

The last FAILURE is our best TEACHER. Get as much as FAILURES to get SUCCESS.

Don’t ever give up in whatever you do. Believe Become Reality. Just Keep Going.

New Month, New Dreams, New Goals, New GST and New Life just Started.. Go for it. The miracle is About to Happen.

Be Great.

To Your Success,
– Sivaprakash Sidhu

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