What You Do When You Get Discouraged at Work?

Demotivated and Discouraged at Work?

A few days ago, my friend called me and said that he was completely upset because he didn’t get his expected promotion.

He told me “I am feeling discouraged and demotivated”. What to do?

You may also find yourself discouraged at work. The best solution during such times is to help others.

Let’s see what you have to do to change your “discourage into courage” and “demotivation into motivation”.

• Get yourself out of your cubicle and encourage others.
• Motivate others.
• Throw positivity around.
• Tell a joke to someone.
• Laugh out loud.
• Go to the terrace and breathe in the fresh air.
• Observe the traffic for some time.
• Bring your awareness to your breath & count for 10 breaths.
• Think of some happier moment in your life and keep that thought for the next 3 mins. Block any other thoughts.

Anyone of these actions will help you to change your emotional state.

Are you feeling discouraged?

Go out and Help someone immediately.

Please share your views and feedback to help others.

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