Top 3 Steps to Real Happiness in Life!

Top 3 Steps to Real Happiness in life.

This steps has shared by International Happyness Coach Murali Sundaram..

Who is Murali Sundaram?

He is the Co-Creator of [email protected] – a revolutionary Mindfulness program that combines ancient Indian Science, Management Science & Neuro-Science.

Mr.Murali is also a Founder of the Charitable trust “Happyness Institute” – involved in spreading happiness to 1 million houses.

He is the Managing Trustee of “Fortune Foundation”, a charitable trust to serve the needy & poor!

Murali Sundaram is a Best Selling Author of many books as featured in Amazon!

  1. Knowing
  2. Being
  3. Doing
  • Know What You Want
  • Believe in What You do
  • Enjoy Doing
Top 3 Steps to Real Happiness
Top 3 Steps to Real Happiness

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Murali Sundaram – Happyness Coach®

Author, Happyness Coach, Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker, 19 years in the Training & Selling, Health Care & Wellness, NLP Trainer/therapist NFNLP USA, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Trainer, Psychological Counsellor , Specialist in Neuroscience-Yogic Science-Management Science & Pharmaceutical Science. A Reiki Master and practitioner of Swara Yoga, Kriya Yoga & Gnana Yoga.

Murali has successfully trained more than 150,000 Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Executives & Students on Personal, Managerial & Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Peak Performance & Wellness

He is the Director & Happyness Coach of Excel People Centric Solutions Pvt ltd, based at Chennai, India.

He is the Executive Director of BNI, Chennai “A”, & currently Heading the Training & Leadership Development of BNI India, world’s largest referral organization with more than 200,000 members.

Programs & Services:

  • [email protected] TM– For Corporates & Public
  • Speak2Sell – Become a Charismatic Key Note Speaker – for Business Owners
  • How to Become an Author, Publish your Book & Market Yourself

Business Strategy Consulting for Small & Medium Enterprises !


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