21 Life Lessons from Cricket in 2 Years by Siva Sidhu G

I Am Not A Professional Cricketer But I Am A Passionate Cricketer.

Cricket is called the gentleman’s game. I used to play cricket, watch cricket, and hear a lot of successful cricket stories from my childhood… but now as an adulthood, I created a short cricket story of mine.  Ha Ha😊 from 2019 to 2021… 2 Years of cricketing changed my personal and business life as well.

Here we go,

A common bond that can unite many people even with diverse views and beliefs is a passion for the game of cricket.

Cricket is not my life, but now cricket is playing an important role in my life which giving me so much of real time life lessons to run a personal and business life.

I’ve started playing cricket to build relationship with business people in and around Coimbatore. But Now I concentrate more on building partnership with other players while SCORING to WIN the Match at the same time now I am building business partnership with other business owners through cricket for GROWING to WIN in our Business..

Every time when I play cricket, I always learn more about life, like how to handle pressure, manage time, situation, happiness, aggression, commitment, fitness, respect, love, team, challenges, opportunities, attitude, strengths, weakness, consistency, persistence, action, sacrifice, patience, tolerance, relationship, mindset, winning and losing etc etc…

The Life Lessons from Cricket won’t stop. It will be going on and on…

Patience Persistence and Consistent in Action will Leads to any Success in Life. 

I have jotted down few of Life Lessons from Cricket as a player and I am sure you too crossed these in your career.

  1. Age Is Just a Number
  2. Mindset is More Important Than Skills
  3. Who Handles the Pressure Better Wins More
  4. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
  5. Consistency is the Key to success.
  6. Your Fitness is More Important Than Your Skills
  7. Practice Makes You Perfect
  8. You’ll Make Runs If You Stay on the Wicket
  9. Better Luck Next Time
  10. At the end of the match only report, statistics and history speaks.
  11. Learn from Every ball and every mistakes.
  12. Learn the rules to win the game.
  13. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  14. Failure teaches so much more than success
  15. You Can’t Hit a Six on Every Ball
  16. Think before you step out from the crease.
  17. You Don’t Lose the Match Until It’s Finished
  18. If Your Basics are Strong, You’ll Bounce Back Sooner
  19. You Don’t Need to Play Every Ball That is Bowled at You
  20. Always Play to Your Strengths
  21. Expect The Unexpected


This small cricket story and achievement would not have been possible without my business friends and family😊

Bonus Life Lessons Which I Learnt. “Always Give Credits to Who Played really well in the Match.”

I’m super excited to learn your cricketing life lesson.. Please do share in the comments below!


Here is my Stats from 2019 to 2021:

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