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Sivaprakash G Is a Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Anchor, Actor, Traveler, Motivational Speaker, and a Passionate Digital Marketing Trainer & Business Consultant.

He is a Pure Self-Made Guy Who Faced Many Years of Challenges & Failures in Life before Discovering What Really Works.

Sivaprakash G is a Founder of Successfolks.com, fast growing motivational website worldwide and also a Business Head – Sales & Digital Marketing at V&D Global Solutions. He is a Business Consultant for more than 15 businesses all around the globe.

He Truly Believes “THE KARMA” – What Goes Around, Comes Around.

As a Self – Believer, He have Named himself as Mr. Positive, and Mr. Motivator to Avoid Toxic People.. His Vision is to Inject More Positive Motivational Messages to the World and Make a Difference in Millions of People’s Life.

His FAVORITE Quote On Success Is –

“The Real Success Is Helping Others To Get Succeed”. 

You Can Connect with Sivaprakash G – Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn 

Be Positive and Stay Motivated

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