What is True Independence Means?

Medical Research shows that 35% – 55% of the sickness is basically due to un-Happiness.

Joy has unique therapeutic value and healing value.

Unfortunately, all of us are busy running or chasing something which we don’t even know what it is.

I have met many who said that they don’t have time to do anything for themselves.

Time is Happiness. More Time means more Freedom! True Independence Comes when you have Time for yourself.

Do you want more TIME in your life?

Are you going to tell me that you’re too busy?

If it’s really important, you can make the time.

Some unique ways to create more time in your life –

1. Stop watching TV

2. Stop Reading news

3. Stop Browsing things online

4. Stop Looking at social media

5. Stop Saying yes to other people’s requests

6. Stop Going to lunches or dinner

7. Stop Get out of being the head of those committees(associations, clubs, etc)

8. Stop Unnecessary chatting & gossiping with neighbors, colleagues & friends.

It’s your life and your time. You have to be sometimes ruthless to generate more time, but you can do it. Happy Time-ful Day!

Joyfully Yours,
Murali Sundaram
Happyness Coach

Visit my website www.HappynessCoach.co.in for more information

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