When Do We Die?

when we die

Do you have any idea on When Do We Die? 

I have done some research and got a profound answer.

The moment we stop being useful to the world – we die. 

Even if you still breathing,  the day you stop being useful to the world, you already dead, you are just breathing through the body. 

When I learned this from super successful people all around the world. I have started sharing the knowledge, stories to the world to help others and make a difference in other people lives through online, blogs and so on.  That’s a reason I created this Website www.successfolks.com

Every day lets us use our self and be useful to the world.

Do you Agree?

Are you with me?

Conclusion –

See, you have enough talents, abilities, knowledge, skills, energy and time to make a difference in yourself and other people lives.  Lets use it before we lose it.

Again, let’s use it and be useful to the world.

Now you may know something about when we die.

Sharing is Caring!!

Success, Motivation and Making a Difference in People Lives is our MOTTO.


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